Tips for Finding the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business

Having a bookkeeper that looks after your books efficiently will save your business time and money! A great bookkeeper will accurately track and report the cashflow of your firm. Many business owners try to do everything themselves - and may know very little about bookkeeping. Bookkeepers and accountants are experts in their field.

By employing, a bookkeeper the time that you or your staff have been spending on bookkeeping can be used to grow and run your business more.


Choose a bookkeeper that is reliable and efficient. They need to have excellent time management skills, as well as expertise in bookkeeping. You will need a variety of tasks completed to deadlines including but not limited to:

  • Payroll
  • BAS returns
  • Monthly reports
  • Debtors accounts
  • Creditors accounts
  • Data entry
  • Bank reconciliations


Your bookkeeper needs to be knowledgeable about all current legislations and requirements and have a passion for bookkeeping. They need to regularly update their skills and should be conversant with all the latest software systems.

Formally Trained

The bookkeeper shouldbe formally trained in bookkeeping and/or accounting, and be able to provide certification. They need to ask questions to find out all relevant information.If yourquery is more related to accounting rather than bookkeeping they will refer you to your accountant rather than try to find the answer themselves. A bookkeeper is not permitted to provide accounting advice (I.e. income tax or FBT advice). They should ideally be a registered BAS Agent.

Your bookkeeper needs to be up to date with current practices and the latest technology. This will save you time and money!

At Bassoon Accounts we provide both accounting and bookkeeping services in Castle Hill, Parramatta, and surrounding areas. We can help you with all of your financial needs.

Organised Staff

Bookkeepers need to be organised and have great time management in order to meet deadlines, provide accurate information, and make your business needs a priority.

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